An Interferometric Characterisation Technique for Extreme Impedance Microwave Devices

94th Automatic Radio Frequency Techniques Group (ARFTG) Microwave Measurement Symposium
📅 2020-01-01✍️ H. Votsi , L.T. Stant , C. Matei , M.J. Salter , C. Li , N.M. Ridler , P.H. Aaen📚 IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas.🎯 inproceedings
This paper presents a microwave impedance characterization technique for extreme impedance devices. The method is based on active interferometry and uses a 2-source 4-port vector network analyzer, which allows for a compact and straight-forward implementation. A new calibration algorithm is described that incorporates error terms from two separate three-known-load calibrations. Based on simulated and measured data, the proposed technique shows substantial improvement in obtaining the impedance of two offset-short devices when compared with conventional measurements.
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Laurence Stant
Laurence Stant
RF and Electronic Engineer. PhD.