Overview of Superconducting RF Cavity Reliability at Diamond Light Source

19th Int. Conf. RF Superconductivity (SRF'19)
📅 2019-06-01✍️ C. Christou , P. Gu , P.J. Marten , S.A. P, e , A.F. Rankin , D. Spink , L.T. Stant , A. Tropp🎯 inproceedings
Diamond Light Source has been providing beam for users since January 2007. The electron beam in the storage ring is normally driven by two superconducting CESR-B cavities, with two similar cavities available as spares. Day-to-day reliability of the cavities, measured by storage ring MTBF, has improved enormously over the years. A full analysis of how this improvement has been achieved is given, with particular attention paid to cavity voltage and vacuum pressure management, and the scheduling and procedure of cavity conditioning. The benefits and risks of full and partial warm-ups of the cavities are discussed, and details and impacts of cavity failure and repair are presented.
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Laurence Stant
Laurence Stant
RF and Electronic Engineer. PhD.